Laser Cutter

TAP lab safety level: Extreme Risk

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Licence required for use

Read the safety and training procedure specific to this equipment.

Equipment status: Operational

Please note: If the laser cutter isn’t connecting to the computer check if the USB cable is plugged in to it. We have been trialling using Ruby instead of Job Control so the cable has been swapping between the different computers.

Training resources

The best times to learn

Open Maker, Hack & Snack or Cosplay sessions.


Full Licence + Trainer to Full

People who have reached this:

  • Chris A
  • Loryn H
  • Alex
  • Gin J
  • Jaco v
  • Kevin P
  • Corinne

Full Licence + Trainer to Restricted

People who have reached this:

  • Dani K
  • Simon C
  • Andrew D
  • Ryan d
  • Simon H

Availability Calendar

Important: Workshops and programmes in the calendar below will also have a 'Busy' booking listed for the same time. This is because the equipment isn't available to book at those times. Depending on the session the equipment may be available to use in that session.

Equipment Bookings:

  • You cannot book equipment during scheduled workshops and programmes.
  • Maximum of 3 bookings per week, per member, per item of equipment.
  • You need to book at least 4 hrs ahead.
  • TAP lab may need to reschedule or alter your booking, in this case you will be contacted by one of our members
  • You must ensure you have the required training/license before making a booking.
  • The booking is for the equipment only. If you have a restricted licence and require supervision you need to organise that separately yourself.
  • Bookings may take up to 15 mins to show on the Availability Calendar.

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