3D Printers

TAP lab safety level: High risk

Find out about our safety levels

Licence required for use

Trainers will either give a restricted licence then a full licence or if you are sufficiently competent you could get a full licence straight away.

Equipment status: Reduced Service

Ultimaker 1.75 (normally the top printer): out of service for an upgrade.
Ultimaker 3: Operational Bambu (Middle printer): new printer see this guide for how to use.
Prusa (bottom printer): not performing well, prints are not of good quality.

The Bambu printer is new and awesome! Read this guide before using it.

PLA reference: 
We have been donated quite a bit of PLA, some is good, some is not. When you are selecting a roll of filament in our space please refer to this:

  • If you are printing something for strength use the eSun PLA+ (this is the type we buy).
  • The fancy eSun is probably bought by TAP lab
  • If its on a white spool with little holes on it it probably came with the bambu and should be good quality.
  • If it doesn’t have a brand name on it it is likely a donated spool and we don’t know how old they are. Check it to see how brittle it is before using it. If it’s gotten too damp it won’t print well.
  • We can’t put cardboard spools in the AMS for the bambu so this filament is needing to being transferred to a plastic roll. These will be labelled by hand so you know what they were (eSun is on cardboard rolls now so most of the filament we buy will need to be re-spooled).

If you find a roll of filament that is bad please add a label to it so we know it may need to be gotten rid of.

Training resources

TAP lab guides (what you need to know about using these printers at TAP lab):

General 3D printer info:

The best times to learn

Open Maker Session, Hack 'n' Snack, Cosplay

3D printer camera feeds


Full Licence + Trainer

People who have reached this:

  • Loryn H
  • Dani K
  • Douglas C
  • Alex
  • Gin J
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