3D Printer

TAP lab safety level: High risk

Find out about our safety levels

Licence required for use

Trainers will either give a restricted licence then a full licence or if you are sufficiently competent you could get a full licence straight away.

Equipment status: Operational

Top printer: works intermittently (the nozzle is blocking frequently)
Middle printer: No good 3mm filament left

We are phasing out 3mm filament. Once we have used up our stock we will be converting the Ultimaker that uses it to using 1.75mm filament instead.


Notes for the BambuLab

  • If you have not used the BambuLab before ask one on the BambuLab trainers (below) before using it.
  • If you are unsure on any part of the BambuLab printer please ask how to do it.
  • The AMS lid is stiff, but please check the locking clips in the corners have been unlocked first.
  • The door should be left slightly open when printing PLA.
  • The SD card is COLD SWAPPABLE. This means you must eject it before removing it from the printer.
  • The Bambu Handy app is installed on the tablet.

Training resources

BambuLab Trainers

  • Gin
  • Corinne
  • Jaco
  • Loryn
  • Oscar
  • Alex
  • Nic

The best times to learn

Open Maker Session, Hack 'n' Snack, Cosplay

3D printer camera feeds


Full Licence + Trainer

People who have reached this:

  • Loryn H
  • Dani K
  • Douglas C
  • Alex
  • Gin J
  • Jaco v
  • Nic B
  • Andrew D
  • Corinne